About Us

Who is Nominet?

Nominet is the internet registry services provider for all UK domain names. This means that we operate the national infrastructure that helps facilitate the UK internet and run the technology behind the UK internet.

Domain names are one of the key building blocks of the internet – the essential component for every email address and website. Millions of businesses and consumers depend on Nominet’s services every day, which underpin a critical part of the internet economy.

The technology works by locating the computer on the internet which hosts the website or email system you are looking for. When you type in a web address or send an email to an email address that ends in .uk, Nominet is behind this process. The UK namespace is the 5th biggest domain space in the world.

Safe, secure and reliable, we keep the infrastructure fully functioning and work to protect it from threats, ranging from fraud, to cyber attacks. We also continuously invest in development and improvement to ensure our services work well and are as innovative as they are trustworthy.

Most recently this has involved expanding our reach to include the launch of .wales and .cymru domains which operate alongside our UK Domain Family, as well as offering internet registry services to other generic top level domains (gTLDs) and back-end support (including emergency support) for other domain registries.