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Meet the Domain Family

Today, the 'online generation' includes everyone. Pre-teens to octogenarians live their lives with digital experiences and devices, and more people are finding that they have a reason to build their own space online. The Domain Family each has a different aim for their .uk domain - find out more about their online lives below.

Secure your family domain name

Emma & Carl have recently welcomed Sofia, their new baby girl. Once they'd decided on her name and registered it officially, they went straight on to snap up her personal domain name: For now, they'll build a private site with pictures for family & friends, but when Sofia's older, she'll have the perfect domain to do whatever she wants to online.

The perfect place to show off your skills

Max Domain may only be 13, but he's getting started early on his musical career. He's registered his .uk domain to showcase the music he's producing with his friends: allows him to constantly share his latest tunes with the whole world online.

Tapping into the blogging community

Emma's life as a mum is ever-changing and every day is a new challenge - she wanted to write about her experiences and share her thoughts with other mums online. So she set up as her blog, and thanks to her .uk, a growing number of British mums are finding her site and sharing their experiences with Emma too.

Make your mark in the working world

First-year university student Ella Domain is getting ahead of the competition. Alongside her photography studies, she's building her portfolio online at so that when she graduates, she's already got her finest work online to share with prospective clients and employees.

Turn your hobby into your new business

Carl's been working for the last 20 years, and whilst his job takes up a lot of time, he's found room for a new challenge. The latest drone technology fascinates him, and now he's turning his hobby into a second career with his website As he's still in the early stages, he's mainly using his .uk domain for a personalised email address that looks professional.

Leaving a legacy online

The Domain Family have also built an online project together. They've started, where they are populating their family tree over the last century or two, so that the next generation of the Domains know all about its history.

Online Pioneers

Businesses of all kinds are thriving on .uk – discover some of its latest champions here

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