‘Five reasons why our .co.uk is vital to our success’

January 6, 2014 9:46 am The UK Domain

But as Jonathan Jones, managing director of the 679-year-old Cornish estate explains, it’s not just their uniqueness that is vital to their success; a trusted, fast-moving .co.uk website is also essential to its future.

“Tregothnan is a real labour of love, and pretty much everything we sell on our website is from our gardens: flowers, honey, jams, and the first – and only – English-grown tea.

Our website tregothnan.co.uk has allowed us to build awareness – taking our brand to people, instead of waiting for them to discover us. After all, how many people knew that tea grows in England, let alone knew our name as a tea brand?

Our ultimate aim is to still be here, as a private company, in another 600 years’ time. And our .co.uk website is vital to that goal. Here’s why:

1. It reinforces trust

Successfully selling anything online relies heavily on trust. This is why we chose a .co.uk. The very core of what we do is British, and our .co.uk domain is vital in telling our customers they are dealing with a trusted British company within a safe environment.

2. We can keep our customers updated

After investing in updating our website in May 2011, our web traffic increased by 400%! We’re constantly communicating with our consumers through e-newsletters and social media, plus keeping our .co.uk site updated with our latest products gives people a reason to keep coming back.

3. It’s an effective marketing tool

The idea for our edible bouquets came about during an interview with Radio 4, and the following week we sold 400 on our website. Most of our new products are intricately linked with our online marketing and website. For us a website is not an add-on, it’s central to what we do.

4. We can easily communicate our ethos with customers

Sustainability is something that has become progressively important as a result of increased environmental awareness. Yet Tregothnan has been practicing it for over 500 years, which is why we’re still here. Buying British and being able to trust where products come from are things our customers care about too. One of the main ways we communicate our history and our commitment to sustainability is through our website.

5. Our website connects us with customers worldwide

We always ask ourselves how we can reach every consumer in the world from our home in the UK. More than half of our tea is sold overseas – India, Japan, Australia – and now we’re branching out to America and even China! And all the while our trusted home-grown .co.uk website remains at the heart of everything.”

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