Shorter is sweeter with .uk – find out why

June 10, 2014 9:58 am The UK Domain

One of the most notable changes in recent times that we have witnessed is the introduction of new top-level domains (the bit to the right of the dot). This change has had a huge impact with over one thousand new domains set to go live over the next two years. The digital landscape is changing rapidly and the UK Domain Family is changing with it. That’s why we’ve introduced our new shorter, sharper and smarter .uk domain and now you can register for yours.

What you need to know about the new .uk domain

The new .uk domain represents new opportunities to explore exciting unchartered territory online. It is the domain of the future, representing a more modern, global look and feel whilst embodying its British roots. Whether you are a blogger, a business or simply someone who loves to share ideas online, you can make .uk your own.  Our new domain is for a new generation of online pioneers who are inspired by developing technology and online evolution.

Is .uk right for me?

.uk offers a reliable and trusted domain space for people who are at the forefront of the internet revolution. Our new domain is here for those who are both eager to learn but also to distinguish themselves online. The ever-developing world of technology means that we are becoming more integrated and we now have more ways to communicate than ever before. We understand the importance of building and nurturing these worldwide connections, which is why we have brought you .uk: a concise, more memorable domain that puts you, your blog, your organisation or business in the spotlight.

Who is switching to .uk?

The first person in the UK to switch to the new .uk domain is British icon and tech enthusiast Stephen Fry. He has always supported the need to be able to have .uk on its own, without the .co, and now his wish has been granted with many other early adopters sure to follow in his digital footsteps.

Research shows that TLDs influence our shopping and browsing habits and in fact, three quarters of people in the UK prefer websites ending with .uk when searching or buying online. Not only is .uk a shorter, more focused domain but it represents Britishness on a global scale, meaning your online experience is without boundaries.

Getting started

With .uk we have a new product for those who can’t wait to see what the new online landscape has to offer. If you want to stay ahead of the game, registering your .uk name is simple: you can do this as usual through your preferred domain name provider or registrar. You can find more information about registering here.

The UK Domain Family is the number one choice amongst businesses and individuals alike. As with all online profiles it is important to protect your business and brand name with a good domain portfolio strategy. See where the new .uk domain could take you.