Introducing .uk on Google+

June 16, 2014 10:00 am The UK Domain

.uk is our new shorter, sharper domain for people who want to stay ahead of the curve and Google+ is the smart platform for this evolutionary domain.

Why are we joining Google+?

We want to share the new pioneering .uk domain with a hive of active, innovative people sharing engaging ideas and cutting edge content. Google+ is the perfect place to discuss evolution in the digital world and to show you how .uk can transform your online experiences. Introducing a new pioneering top-level domain is an exciting step for the UK Domain Family. The new .uk is all about expanding online opportunity; we want it to inspire you but also be inspired by you.

Within two weeks of launching in 2011, over ten million people were using Google+ and it continues to be a growing social platform for both businesses and individuals alike. The new .uk, launched this month, is built on a wealth of experience and is for those who want be at the forefront of change as the face of the digital landscape continues to evolve. On Google+ we’ll be talking about this evolution in real-time.

What are the benefits of being on Google+?

As social interaction, news and technology are so closely linked online we wanted a platform that unified these elements. In a nutshell, Google+ is the unification of all Google tools and services with a common social layer making it great for sharing useful information for businesses and individuals alike. The most commonly discussed subjects are displayed as trending topics and linked by hashtags so you can dip into conversations that interest you without the need for complex search terms. Sharing and discussing also makes your content more socially credible, which is great news for businesses and individuals who are motivated to increase their online influence.

What to expect from us

Variety is the spice of life and we’re always looking for ways to bring you exciting and unexpected news and content from the net. We’ll be posting and talking about unique and sharable topics ranging from the latest tech advancements to unusual apps. The floor is yours when it comes to discussing breaking news such as the viability of wearable tech, to robots that rescue casualties of war. Whatever your passions we’ll be sharing intriguing inventions and ideas to inspire you.

Alongside news for technology lovers, we’ll be sharing updates and news about the world of photography, video and design. With art and graphics forming the basis of some of the world’s most successful consumer technology, we’ll be discussing the on-trend designs turning heads in the digital sphere.

Why you should add us to your circle

Search and social is becoming more intertwined and joining us on Google+ means you’ll be up to date with the latest tech topics and digital news. Sharing online isn’t just about what your industry is talking about, we see it as an opportunity to open the floor to a plethora of discussions that will help us to understand what is important to you. But it won’t just be us listening – we’ll be sharing our Google+ circles with business and digital influencers who have years of experience and can answer the questions that matter to you most. We want to hear your thoughts on trending topics – from acquisitions in the technology market to apps that increase your productivity at work. You can also join us in Google hangouts; video interfacing is an invaluable way to get to know more people in your network and meet those who might just be able to help you with your next big idea.

We’re excited to branch out into new online channels and we’re looking forward to exploring this new space with you. For those of us already on Google+ it’s not just about connecting with each other; sharing high-quality content is a great way of improving SEO and therefore increasing the influence of your own profile. Our Google+ profile will bring you great content, connect you to influencers and curate discussions packed full of advice and guidance.

Connect with us on Google+ to join our digital discussions and get talking about the topics that matter to you.