Save the Children: building trust and breaking barriers

June 24, 2014 10:02 am The UK Domain

In the last five years they have invested heavily in their digital channels to spread their campaign messages far and wide.

Mark Weber, head of digital at Save the Children, shares how the charity’s work has evolved: “Things have changed a great deal since Save the Children began in 1919. Now more than ever, it’s key to have a strong digital presence, and is a key part of this. Using stories and multimedia content, we can use our website to help us share and explain the work we do.

Being online means our team can be better connected with existing and potential supporters in more meaningful ways through a variety of channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Google+.”

Building a bridge of trust

“Save the Children has grown into a fully global movement. There is now an alliance of separate Save the Children organisations across the globe, with our head office here in the UK being one of the largest.

Our domain name (website address) is really important to our success as a charity. It is important too for our donors to feel secure when donating and research shows that 43% of UK donors feel more comfortable giving money to a charity with a domain. As a British charity, regulated by British charity law, we want our supports to know they are in safe hands. It’s important for us to reflect that element of trust in every way we can, from our domain name to our marketing campaigns.”

Better engagement

“We’ve come a long way from the days of raising money through newspaper advertisements in the 1920s. As the online world rapidly evolves, more exciting opportunities are opening up to us. Over the last few years we have invested more in our digital channels and training our staff in social media to help us to raise funds online and offer better engagement to our supporters. We are now better connected than ever before.

Our strong digital strategy means that our team can report on key stories and emergencies that we’re responding to via Twitter and our blog in real time. We can also show our supporters the great work that we are carrying out across the globe by publishing photographs and videos online. We’ve already started to see results that have a real impact on our mission. Our powerful YouTube video about Syria has been watched by over 30 million views and we’re still counting.

On average our website receives around 7,000 unique visits per day (2). Many visitors to our website are looking to donate or take action, so a simple, clear site is crucial for them. This is why we continually review our site to see what can be improved to make the journey of our supporters easier.

Thanks to the advances in mobile technology you can connect, share and get involved from absolutely anywhere, whether you’re at home or on the move. For us it means we can reach our supporters with breaking news and more importantly it offers them a quick, easy and secure way to get involved.”

Continuing the digital journey

“Financial support is crucial to funding our work around the world. On average donations from the general public, companies and trusts account for around 40% of our income (3). Therefore, moving forward, investment in our online activity to help increase donations is a key focus for us as a charity.

We want our generation to be the one that sees an end to the unnecessary suffering of children from preventable causes. Everything we do is part of our ambitious plan to make this happen.

Our domain reflects the integrity of our purpose and echoes the strength we draw on to carry out our mission. We will continue to find new ways to connect with the public and tell compelling stories to show how together we are helping children around the world.”

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