FashionUnited: Why .uk is our accessory of choice

January 21, 2015 10:56 am The UK Domain

Convenience is crucial

“When FashionUnited was first dreamt up way back in 1998, there was no central website domain for fashion professionals. So we set about creating a hub that offered industry experts access to the latest fashion news, job vacancies and listed the dates of all the latest fashion events, as well as a whole host of other helpful features.

What makes FashionUnited unique is that it’s the only one-titled international publication of its kind, reaching fashion professionals in over 20 countries worldwide. Convenience is as crucial for us as it is for the busy industry itself. That’s why it was so essential to develop a one-stop-shop for fashion knowledge, which experts can use to retrieve all the information they need in their local language, on their local FashionUnited website.”


Online trends are just as important as fashion trends

“We’re an online B2B platform, therefore being ahead online is absolutely key. At FashionUnited we’re also very well connected, which makes it easy for us to stay close to online trends.

We surround ourselves with fashion professionals from various fields of expertise, key influencers and educational institutions. It’s thanks to this network, our editors and experience that we’re so clued-up on what’s happening in the fashion universe, as well as online.”


Why the switch to the .uk domain name?

“Not so long ago we redesigned our FashionUnited websites to give them a whole new look. was affected by the design changes so we decided to switch to .uk. It not only gave the website a ‘pretty new face’ but also enabled us to adopt the safer https format at the same time.

In the fashion business, appearances count for a lot, that’s part of the reason we’re so pleased with how the .uk switch has gone. It looks much more professional and stylish, plus we’re helping to save fashion experts’ precious time. By shifting to .uk and dropping the ‘www.’ we’re getting rid of seven unnecessary keystrokes, which adds up when you consider we have over one million users.

As we’ve launched an entirely new website instead of simply sprucing up the old one, we’ve taken a bit of a hit SEO-wise. However, we trust that within the next few months it’ll be back up there, above the old domain.”


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