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June 10, 2015 10:46 am The UK Domain

People often paint domain names (web addresses) with a rigidly corporate impression, a way that budding entrepreneurs can identify themselves in order to do business, promote their services, or communicate via email.

I may have even been one of them myself. But, as I discovered, a domain is so much more than this: it’s your digital identity, your method of showing people who you are and what you stand for, a way to communicate to friends, family members and colleagues in such a way that personalises an otherwise impersonal online profile. But to the million pound question: how do you make your online identity unique?

This was something that I had been pondering about in the initial stages of setting up my blog. How are people going to notice me in an ocean of competing domains? Why would they choose my content over some other, more established writer? I shopped around and spoke to some of my friends that had been in a similar situation. Having researched online, I found that – quite shockingly – a new web address is registered every 12 seconds in the UK. This was the discovery that made me realise I would need to find something that was a little more unique, something that would make me stand out from the crowd but would reflect what I stand for and of course something people could find through a Google search.

My ambition as a blogger, mother of teenagers and a baby was to document my transition from office life to life at home, to write about our life experiences, share content with loved ones and create a digital identity for my family. When I heard about the possibility of having .uk at the end of my blog, I got very excited! So much so that my husband may have given me a few quizzical looks. But it truly was a revelation for what I was trying to achieve. Finally – here was a way for me to give my site a personalised identity, one that individualised me in a way that all of my previous online profiles had failed to do. I was home but online.

Of course, even with my new patriotic domain, I didn’t really expect the community to just grow over night. But grew it did. Almost quadruple in a fortnight! I was dumfounded by the surge in my follower size, so did some more research and found a report claiming that 80% of UK Internet would more likely choose a .uk website from their search results. Perhaps this was the reason for my success. Perhaps it was my writing. I still like to think it was the latter…

I decided that if .uk was good enough for my blog, it was good enough for my email too. So I threw out the dusty old Hotmail address I’d been carrying around for years and became [email protected] .With the number of people engaging with me, I even managed to convince my oldest daughter to adopt a .uk domain for her photography business, and following this, gave baby Sofia her own mini blog – just in case she wants to follow mum and write her own one day 🙂

Now our entire family is connected digitally and we’ve never been happier. It’s true – .uk has allowed me to take control of my online identity. Perhaps it time you took control of yours too. Find out more about the .uk domain family.


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