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June 24, 2015 10:43 am The UK Domain

Beyond this, you were only likely to choose a different domain if you had a very specific requirement, such as for government departments or for the education sector. As a result, every business, from the single freelancer to the Mega Corporation, had to battle it out for their ideal .com and addresses.

Fortunately, the internet has advanced in leaps and bounds and continues to evolve every day. One of the biggest, or at least most visible, changes to the way we interact with the internet surely must be the establishment of hundreds of new generic top level domain extensions, or’ gTLDs’ to choose from. Whereas there was once just a small handful to think about, there are now dozens and the number is growing every day. A gTLD can now be a generic word, an acronym or a brand name. This means that the choice now includes exotic choices such as .horse, .blue, .ooo, .nike and even an increasing number using non-roman alphabets, such as .شبكة.

As in all areas of life, choice is both a good thing and a bad thing. The ability to choose a domain name that much more closely matches your goals, aspirations and personality makes the internet a much more personal and expressive place. However, everyone now needs to think much harder about what choice is right for them before setting up their online presence to make sure that they choose the gTLD that is right for them.

If you’re looking for a professional website for your personal portfolio or for your business start-up, you might want to choose a gTLD that demonstrates trust and your professional ethos. You might also want to use it as a way to show off your locality and pride in your local community.

If you’re looking for a personal website or email address, then you might want to choose a gTLD that makes it clear that you are a person and not a faceless company. You want to tap into a larger community, but ultimately show that you are unique.

While the other options available are vast and continue to grow, there is only one which ticks all of the boxes above. A .uk domain provides anyone, whether they are a blogger, a freelancer or a small business owner, with a trusted and respected domain that taps into the wider ‘Brand UK’. A .uk domain for your website and email address, shows that you truly understand the internet’s latest evolution and that you know how you want to be seen. We’ve already had 330,000 .uk web addresses registered in our first year since launching, and we’re looking forward to welcoming many, many more to the UK Domain Family in the coming years.

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