Why any business can benefit from multiple domains

September 1, 2015 12:11 pm The UK Domain

It is well documented that hosting a main website is key for business success, but there are many innovative ways that a business can make use of multiple domains – something we’ve seen companies such as TheSun.co.uk and Zoek.uk do well. In a time when many new domains are now available, businesses are realising that registering more than one can help to not only protect their brand, but also gain a competitive edge.

Here are some of the benefits of owning multiple domains:

  • Additional domains offer an extra magnet for web traffic, and subsequent further engagement with your brand

  • A second domain can be used for specifically targeted marketing campaigns, for example, to highlight a new product or as a teaser microsite

  • Additional domains can help your business to resonate with multiple audiences and stand out to diverse communities. For example, one domain might talk to a corporate audience where the other might represent the consumer face of the business

  • Short domains can be a great URL shortener that says more about your business on your social channels than the likes of Bitly. For example, if .co.uk is used as a main website, the shorter and sharper .uk can be used for social posts

  • Owning multiple domains mitigates the risk of other businesses taking advantage of your brand and reputation

So if you’re looking to benefit from multiple domains, remember that you only have until the end of October to take advantage of our Buy One Get One Free offer.

Make sure you take a look to see if your .uk or .co.uk domains are available today.