The Apprentice is back – and this is why we’re so excited!

October 13, 2015 3:14 pm The UK Domain

Once again, the show will see 18 budding entrepreneurs set to task as they battle it out in a bid to secure a £25,000 investment from the business giant that is Lord Sugar. Cue boardroom barneys, project manager dictatorships and the wrath of Claude Litner!

In an environment where start-ups are increasingly dominating the business agenda, shows such as The Apprentice cannot be ignored. They highlight the growing trend toward entrepreneurship in the UK and whilst some episodes will leave you screaming at your TV screen, they provide a channel through which we can all think about business. Shows such as these bring enterprise into our living rooms, placing entrepreneurship front and centre, whilst also providing a backdrop from which to discuss business in general. Simply by reacting to the show, be it in the form of a Twitter tirade or heated discussion about the latest fired candidate, viewers can be seen to be engaging with our start-up economy- and this is something we should be celebrating.

Most importantly though the premise of the show celebrates and champions entrepreneurship praising innovation and creativity at a time when this is of ever increasing importance. In the past, writing ‘entrepreneur’ as your occupation was something that could be met with negativity, but shows like The Apprentice are helping to change these perceptions. Yes, not all candidates can be as brilliant as our very own brand ambassador Bianca Miller but they do show that anyone has the ability to be successful, creating a suitable foundation in which to grow the next generation of business leaders. For this reason alone, shows like these deserve a place in our TV viewing schedules and we personally cannot wait to start our Wednesday night Apprentice ritual.

If you feel inspired to start you own business, but don’t fancy facing Lord Sugar and his team of advisors (we’ll miss you Nick!), then we recommend registering your .uk domain today. That way, when you’re ready to showcase your business to the world, you won’t get stuck in the final interview round!