If You’re a British Business, It’s Time to Tell the World

November 30, 2016 4:57 pm The UK Domain


Britain. Leader of the industrial revolution. Workshop of the World. Inventor of everything from the World Wide Web to wind-up radios.

There’s no doubt that this country has a pretty long history of making things – and being famous for it. It’s a history that comes right up to the present day, where the “Made in Britain” brand remains one to be reckoned with.

UK consumers increasingly want to buy British, with a recent survey of 2,000 of them finding that more than half care about buying from British brands1.

And with this hunger for homegrown extending to buying from SMEs, how can British-based start-ups and new businesses make the most of the opportunities?

Label yourself

Some consumers want to buy from British brands because they like the idea that UK workers are treated more fairly than those in other countries. Many want to actively support jobs in this country. And it’s likely that Britain’s history has influenced people to believe British-made means quality, expertise and innovation.

If you’re an SME, you can harness the power of these factors by telling the story of how your business has been created and how you’re proud to be a British brand. If your website ends in .uk, it’s a great way to immediately identify yourself as British. And the content you put on your website and social media accounts can be a fantastic way to further enhance your credentials.

For example:

If you’re a new business, you might not have that kind of heritage to talk about. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t draw on the heritage of the area in which you’re based, the traditions of your industry or the inspiration behind what you do.

If appropriate you can also take things a step further by actively pitching your British credentials to Brit-friendly retailers.

John Lewis has previously had a drive to increase sales of UK products, citing a belief that their customers want to buy British. If you’re a British brand, that would have made you sit up and take notice.

Brits abroad

If UK consumers and retailers are keen British businesses, how about that big wide world outside this country? Well, the signs are good – and marketing yourself as British can work very effectively overseas too:

  • Consumers in developing countries are prepared to spend an additional 7% on British-made products2
  • Britain’s entrepreneurs are seen as reliable, smart and polite by global business leaders3
  • In China, 92% of business leaders think that the UK start-up scene is a key global business growth hub3
  • In America, 90% of business leaders would invest in a UK start-up3
  • Following the EU Referendum, 78% of the world’s business leaders still think Britain is a good place to start a business, with three quarters saying that the “Made in Britain” brand is highly attractive4

Enjoy the benefits

It’s clear that the UK’s start-ups and the products they sell enjoy an enviable reputation at home and abroad and if your business is British, it’s worth shouting about.

SMEs in the UK are in a great position to make the most of their UK pedigree and boost their credentials. So look to promote yourself and your products. Make a point of emphasising British heritage or humour, quality, authenticity or even eccentricity. Make the most of a reputation that you automatically enjoy – and take advantage of the benefits that being a British business can bring.