4 examples of great photography websites

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4 examples of great photography websites

One of the most exciting things about getting online is choosing a design for your website. However, with a seemingly endless range of possibilities, deciding what design concept to go for can be tricky.

In the first of a new series highlighting some of the fantastic websites hosted on UK domains, we’re looking at some brilliant websites from the world of photography. If you’re in need of some inspiration, keep reading…

1. Colin Prior

Colin Prior is known for his stunning landscape photography, and his beautiful website, colinprior.co.uk, is a wonderful showcase of his inspiring work. His passionate interest in photographing wildernesses – in particular the mountains – is immediately apparent in the dramatic images he’s chosen for his site.

The photographs themselves take centre stage, with the homepage using a slider to cycle between a number of full page-width shots that demonstrate his talent, featuring landscapes from mountains to coastlines, sunsets to wildlife.

Scrolling down, you can view photos Colin’s taken in different parts of the world, and there’s also a link to his Instagram account. Simple call-to-action buttons like “Follow” or “View” guide you through the site, keeping it user-friendly.

Straightforward navigation along the top makes this an easy site to find your way around

The menu clearly signposts other services such as workshops, tuition, and even an online shop where you can purchase Colin’s work for your own walls.

2. Shaw and Shaw Photography

The photographers at shawandshaw.co.uk have chosen a novel way of showing off their talent, taking you on an immersive journey in which their beautiful photos do all the talking. The photos occupy the full page, with left and right arrows used to guide the visitor on a story told through photographs.

You enter a colourful world of seaside holiday resorts and vintage tea cups, French streets and circuses, and you’re left in no doubt as to the photographers’ style.

While there are titles for each section, the final page on the journey features the only real text: the photographers’ contact details. If you get lost at any point, scrolling over the bottom of the screen brings up the navigation menu that lets you jump to another section, or to the blog and online shop.

3. Stella Photography

4 examples of great photography websites

With minimal copy on the homepage, wedding and family-focused Stella Photography’s website, stellaphotography.co.uk, is kept simple by images that match the laid-back copy, which explains that they value photography that’s “a bit different, creative and fun”.

The full-width image that occupies all the space ‘above the fold’ (the part of the page you see before scrolling down) reflects this fun and natural approach to photography, immediately giving you a sense of what to expect from these photographers.

The navigation bar is subtly placed at the bottom of the screen, so as not to detract from the impact of the images themselves. The bar is fixed so that it’s always there as you scroll down the page, and on the right hand side it also features the company’s numerous social media accounts to encourage visitors to connect and keep in touch in whichever way they choose. 

An embedded video gives an edgy introduction to the team, again alleviating the need for too much copy

4. Rankin

Photographer John Rankin Waddell – better known under his working name, Rankin – is noted for his compelling portraits and commercial work, and his website does a great job of showcasing the breadth of his talent. The rankin.co.uk homepage features a slider with a few of his famous images, such as the publicity stills for the James Bond film Spectre.

Lots more photographs can be found in the top navigation, where the ‘Portfolios’ section is helpfully broken down into categories such as Advertising, Film Posters, Sport and many more. Within each section, the visitor can choose between an image carousel and a thumbnail view, which shows small versions of every image with the option to click for a larger version. This cleanly designed site also features easily accessible information on Rankin’s exhibitions, special projects and film work.

If these beautiful sites have inspired you to get your own website up and running, take a look at our handy guides to planning your website to take the next step towards getting online.

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