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6 simple steps to getting your business noticed

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Here are our six top tips to help you push your small business into the spotlight:

1. Get to know your audience

Knowing who your audience are and what they want from you is crucial. Free online questionnaire tools like Survey Monkey are great for learning a bit more about them. Facebook and Twitter can be invaluable too, especially when sussing out the competition.

2. Embrace social media

With so many social media channels to choose from, it’s important to pick those that are most relevant to the people you want to reach, but stay true to your overall brand and business goals. Social media is the perfect way to give your brand a personality, so make sure you develop a tone of voice to properly suit your small business. Find more useful tips and advice about all things social have a read of our blog.

3. There’s value in social listening

Understanding what people think about your brand can help to increase its popularity, as it shows you’re willing to listen to your customers. Using online listening tools such as Google Alerts or Hootsuite to monitor social media buzz is useful for providing insights. For tips on how to help your brand can live long and prosper check out our blog article about brand longevity.

4. Produce your own content

Serving your target market pieces of enlightening or occasionally witty content enhances the credibility of your brand and encourages people to share it. Don’t forget that the more your content is shared via social media, the more your SEO will benefit.

5. Be prepared to think outside the box

Creating fun and forward-thinking content doesn’t have to cost the earth. Often clever copy and striking imagery can do more for campaign success than having big media spend. Look for inspiration in other brand campaigns and think about ways you would achieve something similar on a smaller budget.

6. Remember flexibility is key

Your small business has the freedom to be far more flexible than its larger competitors, so keeping a close eye on trends is vital. Reacting to hot topics and breaking news stories quickly is the perfect way to help you stay ahead of the curve.

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