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23 Search Results for “freelance”

5 of the best freelance vlogs and podcasts

of the best freelance vlogs and podcasts to get you started. 1. Being Freelance Steve Folland is a freelance video producer whose Being Freelance podcast is published weekly, with a...

Rachel Ingram

How to find work as a freelancer

media: Search for companies looking for freelancers by looking up your job title, such as “freelance copywriter” or “freelance SEO consultant”. Follow companies and agencies you might be interested in...

Rachel Ingram

Preparing to go freelance

about getting online to get started. Build your portfolio Potential freelance clients are probably going to want to see samples of your work (even as an experienced freelance copywriter, it’s...

Rachel Ingram

Five reasons to go freelance

...want to consider giving the freelance life a try. 1. Flexibility One of the biggest incentives for going freelance is the incredible flexibility it offers. Even the most flexible of...

Rachel Ingram

Why and how to say no to freelance work

...might land on your desk. As a freelancer, that makes it all too easy to say yes to every piece of work that comes your way. However, there are times...

Rachel Ingram

How to manage your freelance workload

As a freelancer, you don’t have a single employer; you have lots of them. Your clients will place conflicting demands on your time, and there will be times when you’ll...

Rachel Ingram

Here’s what you need to do when you go freelance

Taking the decision to hand in your notice and start out as a freelancer is an exciting and life-affirming moment – and then the hard work starts. There’s actually not...

Rachel Ingram

What can you outsource as a freelancer?

gets sent off to clients. Googling terms such as “freelance proofreader”, “freelance QA” or “freelance fact checker” will bring up professionals who can take this job off your hands. Outsourcing...

Rachel Ingram

Becoming a brilliant freelance copywriter: Part 1

...Things to look out for in such terms and conditions include: Exclusivity: As freelancers we need to be free to work for anyone we like at any time so beware...

Oliver Kennett