Do I have .uk rights?

At 08:00hrs on 10 June 2014 we launched the new shorter, sharper domain name .uk into our UK domain family. If you are an existing customer and own a unique,,,, or, a .uk domain name may already have been reserved especially for you until 10 June 2019.

I have found out I have the rights, what next?

If you already hold a domain within the .uk domain family that is eligible, we have automatically reserved the .uk domain for free, until 10 June 2019 as long as your unique domain remains registered. If you would like to register the domain name we advise you speak directly to your existing registrar who should be able to handle this for you. Alternatively you can choose to register your .uk domain with a different registrar. You will be required to pay for the domain via the registrar as usual.For instructions on how to transfer your existing website across to your .uk domain name we recommend you speak directly to your hosting provider.If you would like more information on how the .uk domain name rights work, please read our frequently asked questions.