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Your business needs to get on the blogosphere right now, here’s why…

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Despite blogging being a popular and useful way to keep any business within the community of their potential customers and industry audience, many business owners still wonder if it is actually necessary. Perhaps you feel as though you don’t have the time, want, or even writing skills to make content for your website, let alone make it regularly. Maybe you don’t know what to write about, or how to engage with your customers in this format?

If this is you, it is time to get blogging. Did you know B2B marketers who use blogs get over 60% more leads than those who don’t use blogs? Even more interesting is the fact that companies who blog get 97% more links to their website than companies who don’t.


60% of marketers say blogging content creation is their top inbound marketing priority.

(See HubSpot’s report for the source of the stats used throughout this post)

If that hasn’t gotten you racing to a word document to hash out an epic post right now, let’s talk a little further about how blogging can help your business.

Blogging is able to make your business:

  • More visible
  • Create more leads
  • Enjoy more sales

1. You WILL get more people to your website

When your business blogs, more people will visit your website. Why? Because they have more reasons to. Without a blog they will only visit your site to find out about your company, or to enquire about your products or services. Now, they have several different reasons every blog to visit you, and those several reasons are repeated every time you blog about something different. This is particularly relevant if you provide lengthy, informative blogs that are useful to customers and don’t just advertise your products.

2. You WILL gain more trust

If your company is able to actively demonstrate knowledge within a specific subject, customers will trust in your products or services more. They aren’t just trusting you based on word of mouth, or pictures on your site, they are reading informative and useful blogs from you that prove you’re an authority within a specific industry. Your blogs make you an industry leader.

3. You WILL gain more interaction

The more interaction you get, the more engagement you will get with potential customers. People will share your content, and they will want to comment on your content and speak to you about it on social media platforms where you share your content. Why would they engage with you otherwise? Giving them a blog gives them a reason to engage with you, opening up a conversation stream that leads to precious sales.

4. You WILL get more details

Customers might not want to sign up to your newsletter because they don’t want your special offers every week. Give them something in return for their email address and you’re much more likely to get it. If your blog is informative and interesting, customers will give you their email so they get your link to the weekly blog post sent straight to their inbox. 72% of marketing creators said that relevant content creation was their most effective SEO tactic. If your content is relevant to your customers, they will want you to contact them so they can get to it first. It seems simple but it really does work.

5. Blogs WILL Keep On Giving

Although a compounding blog post can create as much traffic as six older posts, a high percentage of your leads could come from older blog posts. In the case of Hubspot, over 90% of their blog leads in 2014 came from older posts. As long as the content is good and remains relevant, it will keep on giving and continue to present value as it ages.

6. You’re Giving Customers A WHY

You might believe you already give customers a lot, reaching out with special offers and fun pictures, but you have to give them a deeper why as to why they are visiting your site or interacting with your brand. Today’s consumers expect more from companies they give their money to. A consumer today doesn’t necessarily care about the price of your products, or even the quality, not as much as the story behind them. Consumers might think you have a special offer that is good, but give them a blog post with an interesting or compelling backstory behind the product being sold, or the service being offered, and they are much more likely to be interested, because they feel informed, inspired or compelled to buy.

7. Just Make Sure It Is Good Quality

43% of people admit to skimming blog posts. If your blog post is not good quality, people won’t stick around to read it. A good combination of:

  • Personality
  • Creativity
  • Professionalism
  • Information

Is needed. Structure a voice for your company and get a content plan that incorporates your products, along with current events and interesting sharable information. A wafer thin, soggy tissue of a blog post just won’t cut it these days. Nobody wants that.

8. …And Make Sure You Use Your Website

Although you might want to use a separate website like E Blogger or WordPress to make your blog, it makes the most sense to use your own website. Why wouldn’t you want your incredible blog to be associated with your business directly? Quite simply, if you can get people to your blog you can get them to your website. Every blog visitor is a potential lead. If they are visiting your blog elsewhere they are much less likely to stick around after they have read the blog, or to follow any links taking them to another site. Get a website and write your blog on your business website.

Blog From The Heart Of Your Business

We hope reading this has inspired you to get blogging for your business.  Grab a cuppa, and get typing so your customers can gain the most from your knowledge and skills right now. In turn you will reap the many, many rewards of a business that blogs.


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