Write for us

Here at The UK Domain, we’re passionate about inspiring individuals and small businesses to get themselves online with a website and to make the most of the internet to grow and promote themselves.

That’s why we’re looking for expert contributors to write for us, increasing the amount of excellent content we can provide to our audience.

So if you have the wisdom and knowledge to help small businesses, and the ability to communicate it in writing, we want to hear from you.

What we're looking for

We’d like to work with you on producing the best pieces we can for our blog. This means that we will only accept original pieces not published elsewhere and no press releases. It also means that our editorial team will work with you on your piece including edits and revisions.

The UK Domain’s aim is to offer advice and be an inspiration for three main audiences: small businesses without a website yet or those looking for advice on growing their business; new start-ups or those with a business idea; and students or individuals looking to improve their career prospects by utilising an online presence. We tend to write about subjects including blogging, brand building, business growth, e-commerce, getting a job, personal branding, SEO, social media, retail, and technology.

There are three types of post we are looking for and we use a set pricing structure:

  • Mini-articles (400-600 words) – £50
  • Articles (600-1,500 words) – £100
  • Features (1,500+ words) – £150

Alongside paying you for your contributions and publishing your content on The UK Domain (along with your bio and image – please note that all links will be no-followed), we’ll also share your post across our social media channels including Facebook and Twitter. By becoming part of our knowledge hub you’ll be helping those looking for trustworthy and easy-to-understand advice on how to get online.

How to submit

To write for us, we ask that you submit your idea to us first, including:

  • Your bio
  • The post idea/title
  • Article plan – this can be in bullet points and should follow a logical structure
  • Links to other blogs you have written
  • Length/type of post
  • The category it best fits under

We’ll respond to your submission within five working days. If you already have something written that you think’s a perfect fit for The UK Domain please feel free to send it to us, but bear in mind we cannot guarantee that we’ll publish it.

Please email your submission to [email protected] – The UK Domain is run by Nominet, the official registry for .UK domain names, and you’ll receive a reply from someone within the Nominet editorial team.

Your submission of an article for consideration indicates your consent to exclusive publication by Nominet and consent to the following Terms & Conditions. Please read these rules carefully as these terms and conditions apply in conjunction with our website terms and conditions of use, our privacy policy and our cookies policy.


Once we have accepted your idea submission you’re ready to get writing! Here are our guidelines when it comes to publishing content on our website.

Images: Please feel free to include any images that are relevant to your piece, we just ask that you have rights to use these images (for example they have been sourced from Creative Commons). If we have images that we think would accompany your post nicely we have the right to add them, similarly if we feel any of the images included are inappropriate we have the right to remove them.

Statistics/research: If you include any statistics, quotes or research in your post we ask that you include a link to where you sourced them from. Please also try to use up-to-date and recent research. 

Language: While we understand that some subjects are more technical than others we avoid jargon and adopt a conversational tone. Please refrain from using offensive language and don’t include swear words in your post.

Post structure: All posts need to include a title, which should be snappy and capture attention, an introduction and conclusion. Where possible subheadings and examples should be used.

How will you get paid?

We have a three-tiered payment structure for articles submitted. Payment is made via PayPal within 10 working days of us publishing an article on our website, including any associated transaction fees:

  • Mini-Article: £52
  • Article: £104
  • Features: £156