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Digital marketing news for small businesses – November round-up

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Digital marketing news for small businesses - November round-up

As we head into the final month of the year and descend into pre-Christmas chaos, let’s take a look back over some of the top stories in digital marketing that you may have missed in November and, more importantly, what they mean for your business.

SEO isn’t dead, so make sure your marketing strategy includes search

With many users turning to new ways of finding information online – YouTube, for instance, is the second largest search engine – you’d be forgiven for believing doom and gloom stories proclaiming the ‘death of SEO’. However, new research has found that even among millennials, traditional search engines still dominate over social media.

Eli Schwartz, who conducted the research, comments: “Social media may be a great option for gathering advice from a crowd, but when the suggestions really matter users still want control over how much and from where they gather information.” What’s more, the research found that “search is still incredibly popular, with 97 percent of people conducting at least one search per day”, and 67% at least five searches per day.

This suggests that SEO should continue to be an important part of your marketing strategy, so if it’s something you’ve discounted or even not thought about yet, read our SEO posts for loads of advice on how to get your website performing well in search engines.

How modern is your website?

Google has launched a new portal to help you find out just that. It’s called web.dev and it aims to tell you how well your site conforms to best practice in areas such as SEO, security, page load speeds and accessibility. Ultimately, a better website boosts business, so it’s worth taking the time to ensure that it does conform to best practice.

The tool is aimed at web developers, but if you’re keen to discover more about how your website measures up to modern standards, it’s worth asking your developer to put your site through its paces with a web.dev audit. There’s even a ‘next steps’ section giving you advice on how to improve your website’s scores, so it promises to be a helpful tool in ensuring your site is performing at its best.

Take advantage of new shopping features on Instagram this Christmas

Instagram is releasing three new shopping features in readiness for the busy Christmas shopping period, so if you’re using Instagram to boost sales, you’ll want to know about them. Users will be able to:

  • Shop for items featured in videos directly from the video
  • Save items they like in a ‘shopping collection’
  • Find all items that can be bought via a new ‘shop’ button on business profiles

These new features will make it easier for your business to use Instagram to promote products and encourage sales this festive season and beyond, so if you’ve not yet harnessed the power of Instagram, this post is worth a read.

Get a better understanding of how Instagram and Facebook help your business

Finally, you’ll soon be able to get better insights into how both Instagram and Facebook benefit your business thanks to a more powerful analytics feature rolling out over the next few months. In a post announcing the launch, Facebook writes:

“At Facebook Analytics, our core quest is to help marketers understand how their content and channel strategies actually drive real business results. As part of that charter, we’re excited to announce a major addition to Facebook Analytics: our Instagram account and advanced Page analytics beta! Instagram account analytics are a brand-new addition to our suite, and Facebook Page analytics are expanding to cover all the ways in which people engage with your business through your Page.”

You’ll be able to use the new and improved platform to understand better how much value your social media channels bring to your business, such as comparing the value of those who interact with your Instagram page with those who don’t. These insights will help you put together a more informed marketing strategy, as well as supporting spending decisions and showing you where there’s greatest potential for enhancing your business online.

Rachel Ingram is a freelance copywriter with a background in digital marketing. She's written copy for clients ranging from the United Nations World Food Programme to The North Face, and particularly enjoys working with lifestyle and travel brands. In her spare time, she volunteers for Guide Dogs and flies light aircraft and helicopters.

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