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Digital marketing news for small businesses: September round-up

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Digital marketing news for small businesses September round-up

It’s the end of another month and it’s back to work after the summer holidays. If you’ve been too busy to catch up, here’s what you might have missed in the world of digital marketing.

Now’s a great time to get your website mobile-friendly

If you haven’t got around to giving your website a mobile-friendly makeover yet, a flurry of emails from Google this month should be enough to spur you into action. Lots of webmasters have received emails from Google saying that they’re rolling out mobile-first indexing, a move that began two years ago in recognition of the fact that more searches are now performed on mobile devices than on desktops.

With Google now formally prioritising the mobile version of a website over the desktop version, now’s the time to make sure your website works as well on a mobile device as it does on a good old-fashioned desktop computer or laptop. While Google will still index your non-mobile site, being mobile-friendly is just one of the many ways you can help your website perform better in search. Take a look at this article for more advice.

Think nobody will click on an ad? Think again

Are you put off paying for advertising on Google because you think nobody will click on an ad? Well, you needn’t be. According to a new study, two-thirds of Google users don’t know the difference between paid and organic search results, in a piece of research that raises serious questions about the increasing ambiguity with which the search engine labels content as advertising.

While concerns that people don’t click on known ads seem justified – the “33.7% who did recognise a paid search result said they would deliberately choose not to click on them” – the research shows that paid search advertising still has plenty of potential for bringing traffic to your website. Have a read up on the difference between paid and organic search to find out more about how each can benefit your business. If you’re already using paid search advertising to market your company, you might also be interested in learning how to avoid common PPC mistakes.

Another choice for publishing video

Facebook hit the news again this month with the launch of Watch, a new streaming service designed to rival the likes of YouTube, Netflix and Facebook-owned Instagram TV. In addition to launching original programmes created for the channel – flagship shows in the same way The Crown is to Netflix – the channel aims to provide a more interactive approach to streaming, as Facebook tells the BBC: “a Watch Party feature lets users co-ordinate themselves to watch a show together, while an Interactivity Platform allows creators to run polls, challenges and quizzes to boost engagement.” When you’re publishing longer videos and you’ve built up more of a following on Facebook – including having a minimum of 10,000 followers and more than 30,000 viewers – you’ll even have the option to include ad breaks, from which you’ll earn 55% of the revenue. If you’re confused about where to publish video content for your business, our post on which video platform should help.

It’s not too early to think ahead to Christmas

Christmas may seem conveniently far in the future not to have to think about when it comes to your own Christmas shopping, but as a business, it’s never too early to start planning. With a new report predicting that 2018 festive sales will grow by 15% thanks to Amazon and mobile, now is a great time to start preparing for a busy season of sales.

We’ve already touched on the importance of making sure your site is mobile-friendly – more of your customers are likely to be shopping on their phones rather than desktops – but in view of the predictions in this report, it’s also worth considering whether Amazon might be a suitable platform for selling your products. We discuss the pros and cons of small businesses selling on Amazon in this piece, so have a read if you’re thinking about cashing in on the predicted uplift in sales.

Rachel Ingram is a freelance copywriter with a background in digital marketing. She's written copy for clients ranging from the United Nations World Food Programme to The North Face, and particularly enjoys working with lifestyle and travel brands. In her spare time, she volunteers for Guide Dogs and flies light aircraft and helicopters.

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