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Digital marketing news for small businesses – June 2019 roundup

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As ever, there’s been plenty going on in the world of digital marketing this month. If you’ve been out enjoying the long-awaited sunny weather and haven’t had time to keep up with it all, here are some of the top stories that caught our eye this month and what they mean for your business.

Competing with Google for search traffic

New research conducted by Rand Fishkin – founder of SparkToro and previously Moz.com – found that organic search clicks outnumber paid by 12 to 1. It also found that 49% of Google searches don’t result in any clicks, suggesting that Google is poaching traffic by allowing users to complete more actions without ever leaving the search results pages (hotel bookings, for example). The write-up by Search Engine Land – worth a read in full – points out that there’s still plenty that brands can be doing:

“In sectors they [Google] don’t directly compete in, there may be fewer total clicks available, but probably more searches total,” Fishkin pointed out, adding that practices such as optimizing for featured snippets and adding schema markup can be an effective solution for influencing discovery and searcher behavior.”

Find out more about schema markup and how to use it to your advantage here.

Title tags and links still matter to your search engine rankings

We’ve had informal confirmation from Google this month that some of the good old-fashioned SEO ranking factors still apply. The number and quality of links pointing to your site, along with your title tags, are still a factor taken into account by Google’s algorithm, according to Google employees on Twitter. Find out more about title tags and other easy SEO fixes here, and read this guide on getting started with link building.

Update your LinkedIn Page to drive more traffic

If your business uses LinkedIn, you’ll be interested to know that some new features were added this month to help you get more from your company page. In particular, five new call-to-action (CTA) buttons help you encourage visitors to take the action you want, namely ‘contact us’, ‘learn more’, ‘register’, ‘sign up’ and ‘visit website’. You’ll also get analytics to show you how much traffic is being driven by your new CTA button. Other new features include the ability to edit your page from your mobile, and ‘community hashtags’ that give you the ability to contribute to discussions as your company. Find out more about how to use LinkedIn as a small business here.

Update your Facebook page to keep important information

LinkedIn isn’t the only one to make changes to its company pages this month. Facebook is removing several sections, including the ‘company overview’ and ‘biography’ fields, from the ‘About’ section of Facebook pages. If your brand has a Facebook presence, you’ll want to update your page to include this information elsewhere – in the page description, for example.

A new way to boost influencer traffic

Finally, over on Instagram small businesses will have another way to capitalise on traffic from influencers. If an influencer has posted about your business, you can now turn their post into an advert so that more people see it. Marketing Land notes that this will work as follows:

“Before brands can use influencer posts as ads, the content creator must grant their business partners (the brands they have relationships with) access to promote their posts. Once the creator — or influencer — has done this via their Advanced Settings page, brands will see the influencer’s posts in the Ads Manager under “Existing Posts” and can run the content as an ad within the Instagram newsfeed or Stories format.”

If your business is yet to explore the idea of influencer marketing, have a read of this post to find out more.

Zoe works as a Content Marketing Executive at the UK Domain. Previously working in advertising and the sporting industry, Zoe has over four years experience in marketing.

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