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Digital marketing news for small businesses: October roundup

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As October draws to a close, we review some of this month’s top digital marketing stories and what they mean for your business.

Facebook emerges as the most valuable social network…

Facebook emerged as the most valuable social network for businesses in a recent survey by Clutch and Smart Insights. 89% of those surveyed consider Facebook to be valuable to their business, with its broad appeal to every demographic thought to be behind its popularity with brands.

LinkedIn takes an arguably surprising second place at 83%, and YouTube, Twitter and Instagram follow, with 81%, 80% and 56% respectively. Overall, 52% of respondents agreed that social media had helped increase their revenue and sales.

If your business isn’t yet taking advantage of being on these social networks, you’ll find lots more advice on how to get started in our posts about social media. If you can’t decide which network is right for your business, have a read of these tips.

…But are there big changes coming to Facebook news feeds?

Staying with the subject of Facebook, the network hit the mainstream news this month when it was announced that it would be trialing some major changes to how it chooses and orders which posts appear in users’ news feeds.

Currently being piloted in six countries, the change sees non-promoted posts by business pages moved out of the news feed. With some publishers already reporting a 60-80% drop in engagement, this could have a serious impact on small businesses, who don’t always have the budget to pay to promote posts to ensure that they appear in followers’ news feeds.

Planning your digital marketing for 2018?

If you’re already thinking ahead to your marketing activities for 2018, you might be interested in one expert’s predictions for next year’s hot digital marketing trends.

Writing for Digital Marketing Magazine, Sidetrade Group’s marketing and communication director Christelle Dhrif picks out her top ten predictions for the trends that will revolutionise marketing next year. Among them, she believes that cross-device marketing, blogging and chatbots will be among the key features of next year’s marketing strategies.

Get your e-commerce in shape before the Christmas rush

As a nation, we love to complain about retailers getting their Christmas decorations up too early. But as a retailer, you know that it’s never too early to start planning for the busiest shopping period of the year.

That’s never been more relevant than in light of Deloitte’s latest Holiday Retail Survey, which predicts that e-commerce purchasing will exceed in-store shopping this year. The US survey found that consumers planned to spend 51% of their budget online (up from 47% last year) and 42% in-store.

Previously, the trend had been for consumers to research products online before purchasing them in-store. If you’re a small retailer, you too can get in on the e-commerce action by selling your products on your website. Check out our 20 e-commerce tips for small businesses to find out more about how to make e-commerce work effectively for your business this festive season.

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