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In June 2014, we launched the new shorter, sharper domain name .uk into our UK Domain family. If you are an existing customer and own a unique .co.uk, .org.uk, .me.uk, .net.uk, .plc.uk, or .ltd.uk, the matching .uk domain name may have been reserved especially for you until 25 June 2019.

What does this mean?

We have reserved the rights to some .uk domains until 25 June 2019. For example, this could mean if you own yourwebsite.co.uk, your equivalent .uk domain, so yourwebsite.uk, may have been reserved. After 1 July 2019 any reserved .uk domains that have not been registered will be released into the public domain. This means they can be registered by anyone. 

Checking if you have a reserved .UK domain

A quick and easy way to check whether you already own the rights to a .uk domain name is to use our ‘Rights lookup’ tool below. Simply enter your current .co.uk, .org.uk, .me.uk, .net.uk, .plc.uk, or .ltd.uk domain below. You’ll then be shown one of the following three options:

  • Your .uk domain name followed by your .co.uk, .org.uk, .me.uk, .net.uk, .plc.uk, or .ltd.uk under a ‘Right of registration’. This means you have the rights to your equivalent .uk domain name.
  • A list of details including domain name, registrant, registrar, and date of registration. This means the .uk domain name has already been registered.
  • A no match notification with option to get domain now. This means the .uk domain name is available to register today and has no rights associated with it.

View rights of registration

How to register a reserved .UK domain

If you have the rights to register a reserved .uk domain name, please contact your registrar (the company you registered your original domain name with).

Alternatively, you can choose to register your .uk domain with a different registrar. For instructions on how to transfer your existing website across to your .uk domain name we recommend you speak directly to your hosting provider. 

If you need any help or advice, don’t hesitate to contact us via phone; +44 (0)1865 332244 or email; [email protected]. We’ve also answered some frequently asked questions below.

Frequently asked questions

What is Right of Registration?

In June 2014, Nominet, the registry for the .UK Domain, opened up registrations at the second level (i.e. name.uk) in addition to the third level (i.e. name.co.uk or name.org.uk). Existing registrants of .co.uk domain names had a five-year Right of Registration (RoR) period in which the right to the corresponding .uk domain name was reserved for them. This RoR period will end on 25 June 2019, after which all unregistered second level domain names become generally available.

Which domains are eligible for the rights to an equivalent .uk domain?

Domain names ending in .co.uk, .org.uk, .me.uk, .ltd.uk, .plc.uk and .net.uk are eligible, subject to the below criteria.

If your domain was registered before 23:59hrs on 28 October 2013 you will have the rights to the equivalent .uk domain, providing there was no other corresponding .co.uk, .org.uk, me.uk, .ltd.uk, .plc.uk or .net.uk registered. 

If there is a situation where there are two or more domains with the same website name, the .co.uk will be offered the .uk equivalent. Where there is no .co.uk, the .org.uk will be offered the .uk equivalent. Where there is no .co.uk or .org.uk the .me.uk will be offered the .uk equivalent.

Where a .co.uk domain has been registered after 28 October 2013 and before launch on 10 June 2014 the co.uk domain holder will also have rights to the .uk equivalent, as long as there is no ‘clash’ with any existing domains meeting the criteria above.

The current domains that are not eligible for this process are .sch.uk and those not managed by Nominet, such as .ac.uk, .mod.uk, and so on.

If a contested .org.uk and a .co.uk existed on the 28 October 2013 but between the launch date the .co.uk drops and is registered by someone else – who gets the right to the .uk?

The new .co.uk registrant gets the right to the new .uk equivalent domain.

What happens if a domain name with a right to the .uk equivalent expires or is cancelled on or after the launch date?

If your existing domain name was not registered on 10 June 2014 or has not been maintained since .uk launch you do not qualify.

If your existing domain name (www.example.co.uk) is cancelled and deleted from the register, any right to the new .uk equivalent domain will have been lost and cannot be recovered. That includes .co.uk domains with rights.

What happens if I have the rights but do not want to register the domain name?

If your domain name is eligible for the .uk equivalent, but you don’t want to register it, no one else will be able to register it until 1 July 2019. After 1 July 2019, the domain will become available to anyone who wants to register it.

If you would like someone else to be able to buy the .uk domain name before the 25 June 2019 – for example you may have been asked if you would be interested in selling the domain name to another person or company – you can do this. You will need to register the .uk domain name yourself and then transfer the domain name to the third party.

How do I register my domain before the 25 June 2019?

You will need to register the .uk domain name yourself. We suggest contacting your current registrar for further advice.