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Enjoy your commute, enrich your life. Easy ideas for productive daily travel

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enjoy your commute

Commutes are not generally considered the time of day most replete with culture, but the array of choices available to fill our time means that commutes really shouldn’t be dull. We all know that daily habits are what ultimately achieve transformations, but the commute might not be considered a time for introducing new habits. Commutes don’t need to take on a status of action, in fact, they can be valuable times for catching up on rest, napping, or preparing for the day ahead. It’s perfectly acceptable to use your commute time as a time to be still and contemplative, and some days you might just feel downright sluggish. However, for the days when you’re feeling energised, the time during a commute can be used as a critical leverage for achieving personal and professional goals. Even 20 minutes per-day is sufficient to have an impact, so why not transform your commute from zestless to compelling?

Here is a selection of ideas to potentially incorporate into your commute to make the time more valuable:

Listen to podcasts

There is a podcast for almost everything, whether that’s music, something educational, or about self-improvement. There is such a vast number out there, it’s worth running a search to match your interests. You can use podcasts to cultivate your knowledge on any given subject, or just for entertainment. Spotify has a host of podcasts, as does SoundCloud and other sites. Some companies have their own, such as BBC Radio 4 In Our Time, and some act as radio shows.

Play brain training games

Brain training games are another way to productively spend time during your commute, and some have scientific research as their basis. An app search on your phone will show you ample choices for training your brain, and each app usually has games for different areas of cognitive improvement. Some apps even allow you to measure your results, although to go further into your results’ analysis you may have to pay.

Some top brain training apps in the app store:

Learn a language

Your personal reasons for learning a language might vary from inspiration and confidence for your future travels, to just being an enjoyable pastime. Whatever your reasoning, learning a new language can be an enjoyable experience. In today’s hyperconnected world, utilising your new skills through online and offline communities is easier than ever. The multitude of ways to learn also means that you can go at your own pace.

Some popular language learning apps:

Read a book

read a book

My number one choice of commute activities. Immersing yourself in a book is guaranteed to make the time of a commute pass faster, as well as being a source of self-improvement. The world of books guarantees you’ll find something to capture your literary interests, whether you’re using the time for leisurely escapism or career enhancement. You’ll be sure to find something respectable in any genre, and the benefits of reading more are considerable. By reading, you can enhance your cognitive capacity, relax, improve your knowledge, expand your vocabulary, and improve your focus.

What’s your favourite way to pass the time on your commute?

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