Registrars are the online retailers where you can buy your domain name. Your domain name is your ideal choice of website name, and by purchasing this through a registrar, no one else can own the website name. The organisation (registrar) essentially reserves the domain name for you.

There are thousands of registrars offering a wide range of services, making choosing one seem a very difficult task!

It’s up to you to decide which is the best registrar for your needs, but we suggest that you approach a number of different providers and discuss your exact needs with them prior to purchasing your domain. To get you started, we’ve put together some helpful hints to help you choose the best domain registrar.

Tip 1 - Shop around

Get the right services for you at the right price 

  • Shop around to find a registrar that provides the service or range of services you need.
  • Get competitive quotes – but remember, the cheapest price is not necessarily the best deal. Check your contract for any ‘hidden’ charges.
  • Create a list of exactly what services you need in addition to a domain name – consider whether you need any specialist services as not all registrars offer the same packages.

Tip 2 - Check the small print

  • Ask to see the Terms and Conditions for domain name registration so you fully understand the contract that you are entering into.
  • Check that the registrar’s Terms and Conditions confirm that your domain name will be registered specifically to you in your name and not in the name of the registrar or another third party.
  • Pay particular attention to your rights to move your domain name and other additional services to another registrar, and whether there is a charge for doing so.
  • Confirm what their renewal policy is and whether you would also have to renew your hosting service for example at the same time as your domain.
  • Check any other Internet services that you have – can these be changed or renewed, separately from your domain name?

Tip 3 - Check their credentials

  • Seek recommendations from other internet users and ask the prospective registrar for testimonials from other customers.
  • Find out whether the registrar has signed up to an industry code of conduct, or has won any relevant industry awards or accolades.


Tip 4 - Check the support offered

  • Confirm whether you are dealing with the registrar themselves or a reseller linked to the registrar and how you can contact them directly in the future if you need support.
  • Find out where the registrar is based as you may have a preference or business need for a registrar that is based in your time zone or country of operation.
  • Find out what types of customer and technical support they offer and when these services are available. For example, some registrars offer 24/7 online support whilst others offer telephone support only during office hours.

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