I’m moving to a new domain: how can I ensure I don’t lose my rankings?

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Today I look at the question from Pete Allen at Piano Tuner & Repairs Leicester on how you can ensure you don’t lose your rankings when moving your website to a new domain.

In my #asktheukdomain video I’ll cover the following steps:

Step 1.  Benchmark current performance using Google Analytics, Google Search Console and keyword positions.

Step 2.  Put together a page inventory and redirect plan, mapping old pages to new.

Step 3.  Go live including adding redirects, crawling old pages, updating Google Analytics, creating a new Google Search Console property and submitting a new SML sitemap.

Step 4.  Monitoring traffic, number of indexed pages and sitemaps (pages submitted vs. pages indexed).

You can also take a look at our online guide to migrating your domain or you can download our PDF guide complete with checklist.


Sam Gooch is Web Optimisation Lead at the UK Domain. Sam leads the online search strategy, combining both organic and paid advertising to drive awareness around our brands and content, helping small businesses to succeed online.

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