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Jump-start your career online

Find helpful articles and guides on how to stand out from the crowd here. From personal branding tips from ‘The Apprentice’ runner-up Bianca Miller-Cole, to help on creating your own website and interview advice, start the journey to your dream job here.

Why get a personal website?

Getting a website to showcase your personal brand, achievements, and experience is a great way to stand out in the competitive job market.

Increase your credibility

Having your own website helps you establish a visible, credible online presence. You could build a following with a blog, create awareness of a project or cause, or simply publish your CV online. This all helps potential employers see your qualifications and experience as well as showcasing your digital skills.

Impress HR decision makers

40% of HR professionals believe CVs will become digitised in five years, and 15% think they will become non-existent, so now’s the time to stand out from the crowd by digitalising your portfolio.  

Control your personal brand

Having your own website is a great way to develop your brand online, it is your very own corner of the internet where you can present yourself the way you want to. Taking control of your website, email address, and social media and ensuring all is consistent across your online platforms gives you greater control over how you appear online to potential employers.

Showcase your skills

Traditional paper CVs are extremely limiting, and often you’ll find yourself squeezing information onto two sides of A4, or worse having to pick and choose what you include. Having an online CV allows you room to be creative, showcase all your skills, and upload evidence. It’s also really easy to keep up to date by adding new achievements as you go, not to mention that creating your own website is an exciting and proud achievement.

Find out more about why you should get a personal website by downloading our leaflet here, complete with a seven-step website action plan. 

Ready to get started?

Wave goodbye to free website addresses and your Hotmail email address from secondary school. Purchase your own domain name to have your very own website and email address, helping you appear professional. Why not see if your perfect domain is available?

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