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Increase your credibility

Having your own website helps you establish a visible, credible online digital presence. It helps build a following if you blog, create awareness of a project or cause, or simply allows you to publish an online CV. This demonstrates to potential employees that you not only have great qualifications and experience, but you have the digital skills to tell the world your story and set yourself apart.

Impress HR decision makers

64%* of HR decision makers think a personal website rather than a paper CV will become the way they differentiate between you and other candidates in the next 5 years!

*500 HR decision makers in the UK were surveyed by 3gem between 26th September and 2nd August 2016.

Control your online information

If you have your own website, you’ll always have control of how your information is displayed and what you want employees to see and read about you.

What do the HR professionals think?

We spoke to HR professionals and graduates about how showcasing your skills online can help you stand out against a sea of candidates, so while we can’t help you figure out your aspirations our research can help you in your job hunt. Find out what our research found

Advice & Tips

Being online will open a whole host of new opportunities for you. Below is a list of some useful blogs and advice that will help you build your personal brand, including tips on what you should include on personal website:

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