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Three great trade websites

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As a tradesman who’ll be entering people’s houses, one of the biggest concerns you’ll come up against is the need to prove that you’re trustworthy. Having a great website shows that you’re professional and will help to build trust – especially as it’s the perfect place to highlight your accreditation and experience. Here are some fantastic examples to inspire you.

1. My Plumber

Based in London, My Plumber is a business whose tradesmen include plumbers, electricians, gas engineers and handymen. The homepage is geared towards encouraging potential customers to request a free quote, with two prominent ‘Quote’ boxes including one that enables customers to put their postcode in for a more tailored estimate. There’s a 24-hour helpline displayed prominently at the top of the page, and a simple navigation menu that breaks the company’s services into straightforward sections (plumbing, drainage, boilers and so on).

The 9.7 from Checkatrade.com immediately instils trust in visitors, and it remains in the same position as you scroll down the page. Further down there’s a handy breakdown of all the services the company offers, and each item is a link to more information (such as Boiler Repair), making it easy for potential customers to find out more about the particular work they want done.

Scrolling further down the homepage, there’s an introduction to My Plumbers and a series of logos advertising the company’s professional accreditations, again showing them to be professional and trustworthy. There’s then a company story told by the managing director, along with a photo, showing that there are real people behind the smart website (further backed up by comprehensive About Us and Meet the Team pages).

Keep scrolling and you’ll find reviews from happy customers, logos showing the awards My Plumper has won, and finally a contact form and the emergency helpline number again. Worthy of note among the great content elsewhere on the site is a section devoted to prices – so often left out of such websites. By being open and honest about pricing, they’ve kept their services transparent and given potential customers a realistic indication of what they can expect to pay, again building trust. There’s also a blog, pages devoted to explaining their plumbing and electrical qualifications and a club you can join for exclusive special offers.

2. Fantastic Handyman

The Fantastic Handyman site is clear and easy to use right from the homepage, which shows a handyman at work accompanied by a brief description of the kinds of jobs undertaken and an indication of the price. Words such as “professional” and “reliable” help build trust, while visitors are encouraged to enquire about pricing and availability with a box to type in their postcode for a tailored quote. There’s also a prominent telephone number and “get a quote” box at the top of the page, along with a chat box (“Have a question?”) that stays in the same position on the bottom right so that you can ask questions in real time from anywhere on the site.

Further down the page is a handy breakdown of the kinds of jobs the company can deal with.

Each of these services links to a page with more detailed information, such as indoor furniture assembly. The call-to-action box at the top changes from “get a quote” to an eye-catching yellow “book online” button, and there’s lots of useful copy that will be helping the website to rank for relevant Google searches as well as informing potential customers about what they can help with. Elsewhere on the page there’s also a pricing table.

Back on the homepage, there’s a nicely laid out summary of why customers should choose Fantastic Handyman. With clear subheadings that make it easy to skim-read for the salient points, as well as providing more detailed information underneath each one, it’s ideally written for online readers. It’s backed up by testimonials from happy customers below it.

Elsewhere on the site there’s an excellent About page…

…and a comprehensive Prices page that gives the hourly rates for different kinds of work so that pricing remains transparent – another great way to instil trust.

3. North West London Builders Ltd

With a brand name that will doubtless help the company’s website perform well in search engines, North West London Builders Ltd is easy to use right from the homepage. A friendly face and ‘We Build Your Dreams’ tagline give a warm welcome to the site. For customers wanting to phone, the number is clearly displayed on the top right, while the “Request a Quote” box enables them to fill in their details without going any further into the site. A simple main navigation menu clearly signposts what services the company offers – roof repairs, painters and decorators, and so on.

Further down the page is an introduction to the company, along with a scrolling slider of links to further information about its services. Beneath that, there are some photographs of different kinds of work the company has completed, and scrolling down further there’s a nice ‘Why Choose Us’ section highlighting the company’s strong points alongside an embedded YouTube animation that explains their experience, accreditation and why to book them.

Scrolling down still further, you’ll find client testimonials, a Google Map of their location, trust-building logos of their accreditation and professional memberships, and a full set of contact numbers. Elsewhere on the site there’s more information about the kind of work the company can carry out (such as roofing with Welsh slate), an About page with a great stats counter, and a Gallery showing images of the company’s work.

If you’ve been inspired by these superb sites, why not follow suit and set up your own? Whatever your trade, get started with our handy guide to getting online and find out more about how to build a professional web presence for your business.

Rachel Ingram is a freelance copywriter with a background in digital marketing. She's written copy for clients ranging from the United Nations World Food Programme to The North Face, and particularly enjoys working with lifestyle and travel brands. In her spare time, she volunteers for Guide Dogs and flies light aircraft and helicopters.

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