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Tradespeople with a professional website earn £16,950 more a year


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Did you know that tradespeople with a professional website earn £16,590 more a year!1

With people preferring to buy from a website ending in .uk, getting your own .uk web address is the perfect way to build your business.

Whether you’re a startup or more established, a .uk web address gives you credibility and helps customers to find you. Meaning more of those jobs that take your business and your bank balance to the next level.

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Clicks vs Bricks

To bust the myth that setting up a website is difficult and takes ages, we have set a bricklayer the challenge of building a wall faster than a web designer can build a website. Watch the video to find out who wins! 

Why you should be online?

85% of people looking for a tradesperson go online to research local businesses before deciding who to hire.2 Demand for plumbers and electricians is higher than ever so it is vital your business is easy to find online. A website is a sign of professionalism and legitimacy, which consumers trust more. A website gives you control over how your business is described online.

Take a look at the new research from the .uk domain here

Russell Haworth, CEO of Nominet, which runs the .uk domain said, “Moving from on site to website is giving a financial boost to tradespeople and up and down the country. With more of us going online to look for trade services, many plumbers and painters might find themselves losing out on business when consumers need expert help in a hurry. From displaying pictures of past jobs, to customer testimonials and accreditation badges, a website isn’t just your online CV, it’s your chance to make a great first impression.”

  • 67% of electricians are online. An electrician would generate an extra £23,000 in leads a year from being online.1
  • 56% of plumbers are online. A plumber would generate an extra £8,000 in leads a year from being online.1

Expert advice on building your website

Building a website is simpler than you think. Learn about the business benefits and how to get started.

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Hattie Hassan, Owner Stopcocks women plumbers.
“We didn’t want to be restricted by having a .plumber or be so wide that we had a .com, so .uk was perfect for us…”