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The UK Domain has a new look and feel – helping you to achieve more online

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If you’re a returning visitor to the UK Domain, you may have noticed something’s changed. And if you’re new around here (welcome!), we hope that you’re enjoying reading and watching our content.

The change in design for the UK Domain, reflecting our new brand identity, also marks a change in focus for this website. What began life as predominantly a way of educating people about the .UK domain family has now become a broader educational resource.

Our mission

Our mission is for the UK Domain to be the best resource for SMEs and individuals in the UK looking for advice on achieving more online. The aim is for our advice to be practical, free from unnecessary and unexplained jargon, and to spark a two-way conversation.

That last point is important: we want you to talk to us and, especially, to ask us questions. If you haven’t seen, we run a campaign called #asktheukdomain where we record videos answering your questions and publish at least one video per week.

We still have plenty to say on domain names, of course, whether that’s helping you choose a domain name or giving you a domain search tool to check availability and to allow you to choose the best registrar. But our remit is now wider.

We’d love your feedback

As a closing comment, we would love to get your feedback on our website. You might have already seen a pop-up asking for feedback, but if not (or if you closed it), you can fill in our survey here. It’d be a great help. 

Peter was once the Head of Content at Nominet and is now a freelance copywriter and SEO & content strategy consultant. Outside of marketing, he writes about literature on Sublime Horror.

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